Thursday, May 28, 2009

We made it!

No pictures as of now, but hopefully the blog will be up and running again shortly. We are here safe and sound in San Diego, and it has been great so far. We were sad to leave our lives in Colorado and all of our great friends (you know who you are :)), but are looking forward to new adventures in California. The packers came last wednesday, movers came thursday, and we started our drive on Friday. We headed to Utah first and my family was able to meet us in Provo for a last get together before we moved. We enjoyed time at BYU, Thanksgiving point, visited our family in Lehi, and was able to go visit my Mom and Grandmothers graves which is a tradition for Memorial weekend. On Sunday my little brother Jameson was ordained a Deacon so we were able to support him on his special day. Monday morning we headed to Vegas and spend the afternoon/evening there. We stayed at the Excaliber (I have great childhood memories of family vacations there) and enjoyed the fun pool. The boys were in heaven as it was about 95 degrees and climbing. We then attempted to walk down to Treasure Island (on the total opposite end of the strip) and then walk back to our hotel. It was fun seeing the sights and the boys were good in their stroller, but it was a good 2 hour walk and we were exhausted when we got home. Tuesday morning we headed the rest of the way to San Diego. Our stuff arrived on Wednesday and they got it all in the house and unpacked for us. The house is still in shambles because we are trying to find the best spot for everything, but it will be great once we are done. The next 5 weeks will be spent getting settled and acquainted with our new home and city. Then it's off for a fun filled month of vacationing. We will post pictures soon!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Family bbq

We had a fun bbq together this last weekend. Ashton enjoyed dishing up the plates, and Weston loved the watermelon. 

The boys waiting for dinner
Tommy at the grill, dinners almost ready!
Westie lovin' the watermelon
Ashton getting the plates dished up-what a big helper :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Goodbye Colorado

The movers come to pack us out on Wednesday and Thursday. It's a bitter sweet feeling knowing that we are leaving our house, friends and memories here, but can't wait for our new life in sunny California. Here are some pictures of our favorite park by our house. We have walked to this park and played here so many times. We can't believe our stay in Parker, Colorado is already up...where did the time go? Every move we make is an adventure, and we are so glad we get to do it together! Our new house is waiting, the beach is waiting, Sea World is waiting-California, we'll be there soon!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fun in the sun with a water gun!

The boys had some fun with water guns today! They were both so funny trying to figure the toys out and ended up SOAKED!!  This is all after i finished cleaning up Weston after Ashton poured a whole sippie cup full of cold milk onto him. We had just returned from the store and i had quietly gotten a sleeping  Westie out of the car and into the house. i sat him right inside (still in his carseat) and ran upstairs to do something while he was asleep. The next thing i knew Weston was screaming and i found him awake and drenched in milk. Ashton had tried to share with him and either shook out the milk all over his head, or gave Westie the sippie cup and he did it to himself. It was so sad. A bath and one load of laundry later we were recovered and ready to play :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Where has our baby gone?

Weston loves to feed himself. He thinks it's so fun when we give him bread at restaurants, or put some treats in a cup like Ashton. Today the treats didn't stay in the cup too long. His favorite treat right now is the sweet potatoe Gerber puffs. He is really close to walking (oh help us!). At 9 months he is already standing on his own, almost ready to take the plunge. I'm already having a hard time trying to keep up with his mobility. Just while I typed this he made it out of the playroom, down the hall, up the stairs and into his room. Better run!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bring on SUMMER!!!

Ashton getting ready to check out the pool
Weston LOVED the water. He could have stayed in there all day!
It was extremely bright-can't ya tell?
We took a time-out for snacks

After naps, we filled up the pool and played away. It was a beautiful 80 degree day, and after tons of sunscreen, water, snacks, and splashing, the boys are tucked away in dreamland and the best part is we'll get to do it all again tomorrow! 

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tough love

*Click on the pictures to see the bump better*

Check out my owie...and my chubby cheeks!!!


The accused :)

This is what you get when you put together a 2 year old,a 9 month old, a set of stairs and a big red truck!

***Ashton was about 10 stairs above Weston when he let his truck go (or it slipped?) and it went tumbling down the stairs, landing on Westons poor was bound to happen right? Luckily Weston is tough and after a minute of crying, and one apology and kiss from Ashton later, they were back playing.***

Friday, May 1, 2009

Proud of my boys!

I love these boys! We have been on our own since Wednesday (Tommy is out of the country) and we miss our Daddy. We are so looking forward to Sunday when he will be welcomed home!Ashton keeps asking when daddy will be home from work, and can't wait to see him.

This is Ashton "hiding" from me. I could hear him calling to me, and this is where I found him. I had to get a picture before getting angry at him for climbing on the shelf.
Weston loves doing everything Ashton does. Including standing up to this train table and playing cars.
Weston also has mastered going up the stairs. It takes him a while, but he can go all the way up. This is all thanks to Ashton. Seriously, he worked and worked with him until he could do it. For the past week Ashton has anxiously sat about 3 steps above Weston encouraging him to keep climbing. I would hear "Come on brother" and "You can do it Ashton's brother"! It was truly so sweet. Yesterday I found Weston about halfway up the stairs and Ashton and I watched as he made his way to the very top! We were so excited for him. Ashton ran over, rubbed Westons head and exlaimed "you did it, you did it". I was proud of both of my boys. One for accomplishing a difficult task, and one for being a teacher, and encourager.