Friday, May 15, 2009

Fun in the sun with a water gun!

The boys had some fun with water guns today! They were both so funny trying to figure the toys out and ended up SOAKED!!  This is all after i finished cleaning up Weston after Ashton poured a whole sippie cup full of cold milk onto him. We had just returned from the store and i had quietly gotten a sleeping  Westie out of the car and into the house. i sat him right inside (still in his carseat) and ran upstairs to do something while he was asleep. The next thing i knew Weston was screaming and i found him awake and drenched in milk. Ashton had tried to share with him and either shook out the milk all over his head, or gave Westie the sippie cup and he did it to himself. It was so sad. A bath and one load of laundry later we were recovered and ready to play :)

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Jennifer said...

What fun!! And it's only just begun! Thanks for always sharing your tales of fun and woe with all of us! Hug the two little partners in crime for Mimi<3