Monday, May 4, 2009

Tough love

*Click on the pictures to see the bump better*

Check out my owie...and my chubby cheeks!!!


The accused :)

This is what you get when you put together a 2 year old,a 9 month old, a set of stairs and a big red truck!

***Ashton was about 10 stairs above Weston when he let his truck go (or it slipped?) and it went tumbling down the stairs, landing on Westons poor was bound to happen right? Luckily Weston is tough and after a minute of crying, and one apology and kiss from Ashton later, they were back playing.***


Jennifer said...

OUCH!! Sorry baby boo! Mimi sends a kiss to you!! Loves!!! XOXO

ej said...

Poor baby! I'm betting it was an accident, though in a few years it'll be harder to guess :) who knew on the stairs you gotta look out for falling trucks? lol Glad all is well.