Friday, May 1, 2009

Proud of my boys!

I love these boys! We have been on our own since Wednesday (Tommy is out of the country) and we miss our Daddy. We are so looking forward to Sunday when he will be welcomed home!Ashton keeps asking when daddy will be home from work, and can't wait to see him.

This is Ashton "hiding" from me. I could hear him calling to me, and this is where I found him. I had to get a picture before getting angry at him for climbing on the shelf.
Weston loves doing everything Ashton does. Including standing up to this train table and playing cars.
Weston also has mastered going up the stairs. It takes him a while, but he can go all the way up. This is all thanks to Ashton. Seriously, he worked and worked with him until he could do it. For the past week Ashton has anxiously sat about 3 steps above Weston encouraging him to keep climbing. I would hear "Come on brother" and "You can do it Ashton's brother"! It was truly so sweet. Yesterday I found Weston about halfway up the stairs and Ashton and I watched as he made his way to the very top! We were so excited for him. Ashton ran over, rubbed Westons head and exlaimed "you did it, you did it". I was proud of both of my boys. One for accomplishing a difficult task, and one for being a teacher, and encourager.


sharielle:) said...

o goodness why on earth do your boys keep growing? Ashton is sooo sweet:)

Rosemary said...

Love seeing photos of the boys and hearing all the fun things they do. I'm glad that Ashton is being such a fine big brother. And that you and Tommy and being great parents. Love ya

Adam & Jetta said...

That's so funny and adorable. It must be so fun to see them interact everyday! Thanks for sharing.

Marianne said...

um are there cuter kids on the PLANET? i love hearing about ashtons encouragement, that is so cute! miss you guys! cant wait until july!