Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Singapore science centre

The kids all got a kick out of the double decker bus's!

Nixon trying to figure out where my body went!

Waiting to see the movie about the sun a moon

Tommy got some street food and the boys all had some!

Ashton out cold on the train. His head was hurting pretty bad

Taking the train! Reminded us of Tokyo so much!

We had a blast at the Science center. It was huge and we did a lot of walking. 
We decided to take the train but the boys also loved riding the double decker bus's (see top picture)!

The kids loved exploring all of the interactive exhibits at the museum and we took advantage of letting them run free!
Unfortunately Ashton got what seemed to be a migraine about halfway through (his first one ever and I'm sure not his last) and even though we had Tylenol, he wasn't able to kick it. 
He was a good sport and hung in there, but it never completely went away until the next morning. 

We left the science center in the late afternoon and headed over to the Singapore Flyer-Asias largest ferris wheel! .......

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Rosemary said...

Too bad about the migraine but the science center looks like a lot of FUN! Hopefully you can keep the headaches down. Yikes