Saturday, April 9, 2016

Singapore part 1

Watching the planes take off

The boys waiting to board the night safari train!
Weston's room, dining room/kitchen  and living room

Ashton's room

Nixon and Cooper's room

All awake and ready for day 2!

I have so many pictures to share of our spring break adventures that I will need to break it into a few posts.
This break our travels brought us to SINGAPORE!!!
What an awesome place. Especially coming from Jakarta, I think we all agreed that it was (very, very literally) a breath of fresh air!
We headed to the airport and on the way got a text that our flight was delayed an hour. But as we got checked in, we discovered it was delayed over 3 hours!!! 
Luckily, the kids are all at good travel ages that we found some food, then grabbed a corner of the airport and hunkered down for a bit. We only worried about the plans that we had for that evening. We had tickets for the 8pm animal safari tour and we still had to check into our hotel and then get to the zoo!
Thankfully Tommy had a car waiting for us when we arrived and we rushed to the hotel (we hadn't gotten any Singapore dollars yet, and our driver didn't have a credit card machine. But he said "I'll just give you my card and if you need a ride back to the airport, give me a call and pay me then. Have a great vacation!" so awesome!). Once we checked in we had 5 minutes up in the room for a bathroom break, then we headed down to our taxi.
The animal safari was really cool. Because it was so late, the animals were all out and about. I think the boys liked the black bear and lion the best!
We were all starving after and headed to good old burger king for a late dinner. 
We were all exhausted when we got back to our room. We found our beds and said goodnight! 

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Rosemary said...

Great Trip, nice driver to do that for you guys!