Monday, December 22, 2014

Our family vacation to Saipan

The resort had slides and pools galore

Weston and Nixon splashing in the water

Cooper enjoying a kayak ride with daddy

Me and Weston at the "crab" pool.

Weston snapping a picture of me 

Ashton on the wave machine. He was really good at it!

Ashton's cheering section

Tommy on the wave machine

Cooper napping on the beach

Weston digging for crabs

Ashton gathering water for sandcastles

The boys climbing on mr. shark

The boys getting ready to do some water slides 

Ashton waiting for his turn to rock climb

Weston killing it on the rock wall

Yay! He made it to the top

Ashton being spiderman

Ringing the bell at the top of the wall

The twins exploring 

We ordered pizza to our rooms a couple of nights. It was nice to relax and watch a show

Cooper gathering water 

Tommy, Ashton and Cooper on the kayaks

Weston found a crab!


Weston getting a few tips

Karaoke. The boys sang Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Handsome Nix and the beautiful water 

Weston loved the warm water!

Weston was great at playing with the twins on the beach

Ashton kayaking by himself and Weston watching from the water

Happy boy

Daddy going down the slide at the splash park

Nixon and Mommy 

The lazy river at the resort 

This was one of our balconies. The beach was so pretty to look at

We decided to take our family vacation this year over Christmas break. The boys got out of school on Friday and we left for the airport bright and early Saturday morning. 
Our destination was Saipan. A small island near Guam, which is where we vacationed 2 summers ago.
Saipan had the same resort that we had stayed in when we were in Guam. It is great for families and has a lot to do. 

But first I want to document the travel to Saipan. It was very different than when we flew with 16 month old babies. 
The twins did great. It was an hour ride to the airport, and of course the wait at the terminal. Then a little over a 3 hour flight to Saipan. All of the kids played, colored, snacked and watched movies. It was nice to not worry about a crying baby!
We barely even used our stroller because the twins wanted to be "big boys" and walk around like their older brothers. 

Unfortunately, our luck didn't last. Tommy and I had been sick the week before we left for our vacation. We still weren't 100%, but feeling a lot better. The twins however woke up Sunday morning with fevers and sore throats. We ventured out to the pools for a bit, but the twins just wanted their cribs in the hotel room. Luckily by Monday evening, Nixon and Cooper were on the mend and were ready to go play. We were lucky that their sickness only lasted a day and a half.

The rest of our week involved snorkeling, kayaking, boat rides, digging in the sand, water slides, the lazy river, rock climbing, a wave machine, THE BEACH (warm, warm water), lots of sunscreen (and some aloe for a few sunburns), sandcastles, mango smoothies, karaoke with the band, pirate show, late night swims, sunsets, pizza parties in our room and of course a lot of family time. 
Our trip was warm and fun! We were all so happy to come home a week later. Now we are on Christmas break at home and enjoying treats and movies :)
Merry Christmas!

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