Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

Cooper, Nixon, Weston and Ashton all waiting to go downstairs

Nixon can't wait to see what's downstairs. I think Cooper spotted all of the presents

All of the boys checking out their stockings 

The twins opening their new kitchen

cute little cooks!

The twins opening their train set 

New DS's!!

Plants vs. zombies from grandpa, mimi, jj and alexa 

Pizza set from bell grandparents 

Cooper is excited for his new food!

Merry Christmas from us!!

We had a very merry Christmas this year. Spent together at home with just our family and it was so nice! 
All of the boys are at great ages to really get excited and understand what's going on! The boys were all excited for Santa to visit and went to bed without much fight.
Tommy and I stayed up to wrap gifts and watch a Christmas movie while we worked. 

The boys were awake at 7, so we slowly made our way to the stairs and told the boys to let the twins come down first.
Once all the boys were down, we let them look through all of the gifts and of course the goodies in their stockings!
We spent the morning opening gifts and stopping to play with a few toys.
Once everything was opened, we Skyped with some family then enjoyed a cinnamon roll and hot chocolate breakfast.

The boys played all morning and Weston didn't even complain when we slipped away for him to do a quick modeling job (he was excited to bring his new nintendo ds with him). 

We got home just in time to finish up the preparations for our turkey dinner and then enjoyed the feast together as a family. 

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Shantel Elmer said...

The twins are so big! Looks like a fun day:)