Friday, March 7, 2014

Our week while Dad has been in D.C.

Oh, the places we go!

Pajama day!

These are some finger painting (mess free!) tablets the twins got for their birthday:)

Me and my karate buddy heading to class 

Pizza party with Frozen

I guess my bed is the main nerf gun base!

Daddy has been gone since Sunday and will be back on Sunday.
The week has flown by and everyone is healthy and happy!
Some of the highlights of our week--

Pajama day/Dr. Suess's birthday
Weston's job at the beach (he got to actually ride a white horse on the beach wearing Dior. How awesome!)
LOT'S of nerf gun wars
Picnics in the Family room upstairs while watching Frozen
Dinner at Wolfgang Puck with our friends on Friday night! YUM!

Ashton, Virginia and the twins were troopers on Thursday. Weston and I were out the door by 7:40 AM. We caught the train and made our way to Shinagawa where a location bus was waiting. The drive to the shoot was 2 hours away. It was a beautiful trip but freezing! All of Weston's outfits were for spring/summer so he was a trooper! The crew was great and had blankets and space heaters for Weston.
The job finished at 7pm and then we made it home by 9.
It was a marathon day but very fun. Virginia was great with the twins all day and Ashton was good to do his homework, make it to soccer and then on to Karate all on his own.

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