Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ashton's 7th birthday party :)

Fin, Brendon, Ashton, Lukas, Weston, Kento and Kouto

Ashton and Kento

 Nana and the twins

 Getting ready for Star Wars 

Cooper and Nana eating dinner

Nixon watching the movie in his own chair

Fin, Ashton and Brendon

William, Ashton, Weston and Luke

Ashton's 7th birthday was so much fun! We had pizza, snacks a bouncy castle, movies and cake!
And of course good friends from school, soccer and modeling :)

The boys only stopped jumping to grab a quick slice and then it was back to the jumpy house.

I made a Minecraft cake and cupcakes and it turned out really cute!
Ashton's expression after school was awesome when he saw the cake :)

Happy Birthday to our big 7 year old! We love you:)

***On a side note, in-between school and Ashton's birthday party I ran the boys to a quick audition.
This little girl in the picture and her sister were there and we are great friends with them. When Ashton saw Riley, his face lit up (they have a little crush on each other) and Riley came over to him and hugged him and wished him a happy birthday. I think it made his day even better ;)

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