Monday, October 28, 2013

Weston's school Halloween party

 Ashton snuck into the line with Weston

Ashton and the twins on the computers

Weston and Cooper during class

Cooper checking out his friend

Nixon holding hands :)


Best buds :)

Weston's scary ghost

Who is this ninja??

Ashton and his friends waiting for Weston's trick or treating to start

Me and my ninja;)

The best thing about being a stay at home mom is being able to go to the kids' school programs, parties and field trips. Weston had been looking forward to his Halloween party for a while. And lucky enough, Ashton was on fall break so he was able to come too!
I had our nanny bring the twins down for a while and get in on the fun. They sang, danced and clapped with all of the songs. Weston was in heaven having them their. He made sure that everyone knew that they were his brothers!
It was a fun day and I am so thankful that I was able to share it with Weston.


Rosemary said...

precious photos of the twinners! They are so cute. Fun times at the party guys. Your outfits look great.
Love Gma B

Meet the Templins said...

I love the twins outfits! The school looks like so much fun too.