Friday, October 18, 2013

Typhoon day turned Disneyland adventure!!

 In front of the castle :)

Daddy and the big boys at the entrance

Cooper and Nana chasing the birds around Toon Town!

The babies running around Toon Town! They spotted these pumpkins and had to go check them out!

Nixon couldn't get enough!

 The twins checking out Donald Ducks boat. 

Cooper waiting to ride Pinocchio 

This was at the end of the Pinocchio ride. Cooper didn't want to get off!

 Weston waiting for the Spooktacular parade to start! (photo by Ashton!)

I think Ashton spotted the parade!

All 7 of the boys-we had the best time with our friends!

Me, Nixon, Weston and Cooper on the train :) Nana is to the left of Cooper. Tommy and Ashton and our friends were behind us.

The twins watching the Main Street electrical parade

Nana and the twins in front of ToonTown!!

Tuesday we were hearing warnings about a typhoon. The boys had a few auditions that evening, but the rain hadn't started yet. We made it to the first audition but by the time we left the typhoon was here! We had a 10 minute walk to the train and by the time we got there, we were soaked. We still had one more audition that we were going to try and make. By the end of the night we were wet and exhausted. Both of the boys' school was cancelled the next day so we thought the worst was yet to come.
The next morning we woke up to blue skies and some wind. Tommy called me from work and said that our good friends were thinking about taking their kids to Disney. They thought that it would be empty because of the typhoon. We thought that we would surprise the boys and go too!
I dressed the twins in some Mickey Mouse shirts that Cooper was given after his Disney photo shoot. The boys didn't even notice ;)  In fact, we told them that we were just going to Costco!
When we arrived at Disneyland, we told them the real plan and of course they were super excited!

Our day was so fun! The twins were really good to ride in their stroller and stay close to us when we got them out. They were able to ride on Pinocchio, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the train. They loved exploring in ToonTown and of course watching the parade :)
The older boys both rode anything and everything. They both loved Space Mountain the best. 
Virgenia would take the twins and walk around while we rode the rides with Ashton and Weston and our friends the Farmer's. 
We stayed until the park closed at 10. All around it was a great day and we can't wait to go back again!

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