Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I have always wanted twins

After the bath- we have the most gorgeous kids.

I still have to pinch myself when it comes to the twins. I have always wanted twins. In fact, when I was probably 8 or so I asked for twin boy dolls for Christmas. 
I got 2 cabbage patch boy dolls and named them Sam and Matthew.
 I don't know why I was so lucky to actually get twins, but I am not complaining! (Our dr. told us that since we got pregnant naturally with twins, that if we got pregnant again there would be an 85% chance that it would be twins again..... But we think 4 kids is plenty!)

Bath time is one of the activities that is extra fun with twins. They splash and play together and just look so cute!
They are at a fun age where they like to show off. One will start splashing and so the other one has to. Nixon will go on his tummy and pretend to swim, then Cooper has to do it too!
I am cherishing these last few months (?) where I can still carry both of them at the same time. They both fit snuggly on my lap and love to play with my hair. 

I think Ashton and Weston have really enjoyed each having a baby to play and help with.
The other night, Tommy had to work late. At 7:30 I announced that I was putting the twins to sleep and then I would get the older boys a snack. Without hesitation, Ashton picked up Nixon and said that he would carry him to his crib (Tommy and I each take a baby at night and put them to bed). Ashton carried Nixon to the nursery, turned on their glow mobiles and ocean sound maker, laid Nixon in his crib and covered him up. I was so impressed with how responsible he was. And thankful that Tommy is a good and active dad that teaches our kids by example.

Every day I look at our kids-all 4 of them- and smile with joy. 
We have been blessed beyond words!

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Peter and Jen Bell said...

so handsome. bathtime is the best! we miss you guys.