Saturday, June 22, 2013

Guam part 1...Let the fun begin!

Checking out our view

Daddy giving snorkel lessons

The twins building their sand castles 

Weston playing in the warm sand

3 big boys digging together

Doesn't that water look nice?!

Way to go Ashton!

I think snorkeling was a success!

The sound of the ocean lulled Nixon into a deep sleep 

Snoozing in the shade

Cooper just wanted snacks!

Great spot for napping:)

Cooper practicing his yoga;)

Ashton coming in from a swim

Our family vacation this year was one week in Guam. We stayed at the Pacific Island Club Resort and had a great time. The beach was one of many activities that we liked to do during the week. The boys learned how to snorkel and enjoyed finding colorful fish!
The water was warm and clear. The twins liked digging in the sand and checking out the water. Nixon even caught a nap at the beach our first day there :)
Stay tuned for more of our trip...

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Meet the Templins said...

The water looks amazing! What fun adventures you are having out there. The kids are so handsome and growing up too fast. Miss you guys!!