Saturday, May 4, 2013

We have 4 boys...

Having kids is an adventure. Having ALL boys is an even bigger adventure! I think I will always be physically fit because every day I am literally running, chasing, climbing, wrestling and jumping (or doing karate!) with my kids. Not to mention throwing, kicking, batting and hitting different kinds of balls!
 Our bed is a favorite for our boys to play on. I decided to capture some of the action today. Even the twins have been joining in on the fun! I grew up climbing trees, playing sports and catching lizards. Maybe that is why I have been blessed with my 4 boys! 
How did I get so lucky to call them mine?!


Meet the Templins said...

Such cuties too! You are such a great Mom. Sounds like it is always busy at your house.

Eric and Rebekah said...

you have such an Adorable family and you are an Amazing mom!!!!