Monday, April 29, 2013

Golden week in Japan

Today was a Japanese holiday and Ashton went to the aquarium  in Shinagawa with a friend. While he was out on his adventure, we thought we would go and check out the Ueno zoo.  We took the train and of course the babies made fast friends and were entertaining everyone.
All Weston wanted to see at the zoo was the lion. We saw other animals also, but the lion was a highlight.  After that, we decided that ice cream would be a good treat to accompany us on our walk back to the train station. The babies, especially Nixon, loved the treat!
We were happy to join back up with Ashton in the late afternoon and spend the evening together as a family at the park. At one point I turned around and Nixon had climbed to the top of the 8 foot tall metal slide. Tom and I both spotted him at the same time and I think both had heart attacks!
It was a fun day for all:)

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