Friday, January 4, 2013

Our Christmas 2012

Christmas eve presents

New Pj's!!

The twins opening their pajamas

Christmas morning wresting with all 4 rugrats

Santa was very giving

Christmas morning breakfast

Cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. The twins devoured the cinnamon rolls!

Gifts from my family

BYU shirts from tommys parents

Skyping with my family. They got to watch us open our gifts that they sent, and then on their Christmas morning, they videoed with us again and let us watch my siblings open their gifts from us! I am so thankful for modern technology:)

Opening gifts from Tommys parents and skyping with them.

Daddys new watch

 Opening presents really tired the twins out!

The twins helping me make apple pie

 Yummy pie!

Tommy enjoying his new gaming chair and headphones

Happy boys with their walkers

Checking out the tent from Santa

Weston and his transformer 

More opening 

New tent from Aunt Shantel and Uncle Dallin!

Our Christmas break was perfect for us. Tommy took 2 weeks off of work and we enjoyed every minute he was home. I think we watched every super hero movie imaginable-it was really fun. Every night we looked forward to a new family movie! We tried to do a new activity every other day. And on the off days, we happily stayed in our pj's  and played the x-box and the Kinect that my family sent us for Christmas. 

Some highlights...
Round one (arcade and play gym)
Krispy Kreme doughnuts 
Finding and eating at new Japanese restaurants
Ferris wheel that was 384 ft. tall
Talking to family on FaceTime 

I'm sure I am forgetting some activities but all in all it was a great 2 weeks. I am already looking forward to our next Christmas break!

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Rosemary said...

Wow the family looks great. We miss you all. It looks like it was a very nice Christmas. I'm glad that Tommy was able to spend so much time with you all. And the cinnamon rolls and apple pie look yummy. Happy New Year to all.