Monday, January 7, 2013

Just for fun

My little Weston started back at school today. I will miss him and his funny personality.
Yesterday while Ashton was at a friends house, we were in the playroom eating a snack. Weston was eating cheese pringles and I was eating Craisins. On an attempt to get him to eat some Craisins, I told him that pirates used to eat them. To that he replied "Well I'm a pirate!"
So I said that he would like them because they are pirate candy.
He took a bite and reluctantly chewed them trying to keep a happy face as if to not disappoint the so called pirates. I asked him if he liked them and he happily grabbed another chip and said
"Yes, but pirates eat these chips after they eat those red things to get the taste out of their mouth!"
 I was rolling on the floor :)

Ashton is quietly playing with his legos in the office and he will start school next week (his school is doing kindergarten admission interviews for next year this week). I will miss him and his smart, bright personality. He is my big boy and sometimes I wonder if he is 25, instead of 5. The other morning before church I was getting the twins in the bath. I asked Ashton if he could go get me a water from the kitchen and when he came upstairs, he had a chocolate treat for me too. He said "I knew you would like this, and you didn't get breakfast." 
What a sweet boy. It really made my day.

I am looking forward to summer vacation already. It will be here before we know it! And even though we have decided to probably not go back to the states over the summer, I am looking forward to a lot of time with the boys. We have lot's to explore here in Japan :)

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Rosemary said...

What handsome boys! They all look great. We really miss you guys. I love hearing about the things they do. . . What helpful fun boys you have.