Monday, October 8, 2012

Week recap

Westons birthday celebration at school! (even though his b-day is in July!)

Tommy and I's date night with friends

Gyoza with the big boys

Babies got to be with Nana

Family game night


Our drive home/Tokyo tower (less than 5 minutes from home)

 Tuesday morning before school (Ashton has PE, so he has to wear a uniform)

What a fun busy week! I want to quickly recap-

I spent the afternoon at Weston school to help celebrate his birthday. Since he has a summer birthday, we got to pick a day that I could come in, read to the class and bring treats. Weston chose cupcakes with sprinkles and we had a very fun afternoon.

Tommy and I went on a date with friends from the ward. We went to an Italian restaurant (one of the top 3 in Japan) and had a great time. Food was good, company was GREAT! 

We took Ashton and Weston out while the babies stayed home with Nana. We rode the train to a very popular gyoza joint. It was very good food and we had fun hanging out with our big boys. We bumped into some friend on our walk from the train station and got to catch up a bit. We were all excited to see the babies when we got home :)

Since we are a day ahead of the states, our General Conference weekend will be next weekend. So we had fast and testimony meeting this Sunday. Weston gave the scripture in Primary and did an excellent job. After church I got a 3 hour nap with the babies and Ashton and Weston played legos, trains and nerf guns with daddy. After everyone got their pj's on, we had family game night.

Monday was a Japanese and American holiday. Ashton still had school (private schools follow their own calendar) so we spent the day with Weston. We drove to O-daiba and walked around, had lunch at a ramen place and then drove home just in time to see Ashton at the bus stop. I fed the babies quickly and we all hopped back in the car to go get Ashton some new shoes. Of course the boys couldn't pass up a happy meal at McDonalds.

This morning came tooooo early for all of us. We were all a little tired, but quickly got into the routine of making lunches/snacks, getting dressed and backpacks ready. Ashton has PE on tuesdays, so he has to wear a uniform. He asked me to take a picture because he liked his clothes :)

Throw in some playdates, soccer, Karate (Ashton and I started Karate a few weeks ago), and the everyday routines we are keeping busy. But we are happily busy and wouldn't have it any other way!

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Rosemary said...

Sounds like you are having lots of fun experiences and enjoying new adventures. We miss you all.
Love Grandma B.