Monday, October 1, 2012

Friendship day

The boys and their decorated scooters 

The crowded streets 

 Me and the boys

 The boys with their balloon swords

 Virginia and the twins



 Tommy, the twins, Virginia and Ashton 

Weston exhausted after the events of the day :)

Friendship day happens every August here on the compound. It's a day that they allow anyone (who buys tickets) to come on the compound and spend the day. It's kind of like a big street fair with different activities, food, drinks and performances. It was a really fun but tiring day. It was scorching hot and there were about 5,000 extra people here. As you can see from the pictures it was very crowded. We went to the Daly Hall to decorate the boys' scooters for the parade. I think they still have most of the decorations on their scooters :)
Fun, fun day and memories!

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