Saturday, July 21, 2012

Roppongi Hills

In the middle of the business of the city

Huge slide

A fun robot art piece

The twins love being outside

Slides galore!

We ventured out again yesterday to the ever popular Roppongi Hills area. It was a nice walk, very busy with crowded streets and a lot going on. One of my favorite things about Tokyo so far is how clean it is. There is never any garbage/litter anywhere, no cigarette butts etc. People are also very friendly here. We always get a lot of attention when we are out because of our kids. I guess it's because they are blond haired blue eyed american kids but also because of the twins. In fact last week Tommy and I were swarmed around by about 20 tourists. Camera flashes were going off every second and they were so in love with the twins that we had strapped on us in the baby bjorns. I will post about that story later.

After we walked around the shopping area of Roppongi (which included a trip inside the Lego store!) we walked a little further to the "Robot park." We let the boys play for a while and they had a great time. 

We made the 30 minute walk back just in time to head over to a friends apartment for a little party. It was great to get out and let the boys play with the other kids that were there. At one point, they went to another friends house to get some nerf guns. Another plus of living on the compound is that it is extremely safe with little to no traffic. There are only 2 ways of getting in and out and both gates are guarded. So all of the kids were outside playing around the grounds while we visited inside and enjoyed a fun evening! 

We still have a lot of exploring to do. 
Roppongi Hills will definitely be a place we will visit more!

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Rosemary said...

Your blog looks great. We remember all the great slides for the kids when we lived there too. You all look so good. Glad you are finding fun things to do. Love G & G Bell