Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our big 5 month olds!



Today was a bitter sweet day. My mom left Japan after 2 weeks of playing, sightseeing, exploring and helping us get settled.
We are so glad that she came and spend time with us. It has been a great few weeks.
The twins also turned 5 months old today! They are so much fun and we can't remember life before they were here. They are so happy, playful and smily :) They really light up when Ashton or Weston talk and play with them. Ashton's favorite thing to do is hold the babies while he is standing up. Weston likes to show the babies his lego towers and tell them about pirates!

Happy 5 months Nixy-boo and Cooper-troop! We love you.


Rosemary said...

:) Those are great pictures! They are so cute! Glad to hear you are doing well. There is a birthday package on it's way in the mail for Weston :) Love Grandma B.

Meet the Templins said...

What handsome little boys. I love the end pic where one has the start of a frown. How fun to have your Mom there for two weeks, saying good bye is so hard!! I always treat me and the kids to something the day our visitors helps!! Love ya