Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nixon and Coopers birth story (the quick version)

Excited for our babies! ( I got a great epidural before the c-section. My anesthesiologist was a Harvard Med. school grad-nuff said!)
Proud Papa ready for surgery
Dr. Kreitzer
Me and Cooper
They're here!
Nixon and Cooper
Getting taken to recovery with my 2 new babies
In recovery happy to not be pregnant anymore

First family picture
Getting ready to go home!
My "push present" from Tommy.

Well, the babies will be 2 weeks old tomorrow night. We are so in love with them and have had so much fun these last 2 weeks!
I LOVE not being pregnant. I LOVE fitting into all of my old clothes and having the energy to do things. It has been great!
I was a little nervous about the recovery for a c-section but honestly it has been amazing.
I had natural deliveries with Ashton and Weston and comparing natural vs. a c-section I really think I prefer the c-section-and my other deliveries were easy and great too!
We went into the hospital thinking that we were going the vaginal delivery route but right before the dr. broke my water, we did a quick ultrasound and Cooper had flipped into a breech position. So they prepped me for surgery and the twins were born about 20 minutes later.

Ashton and Weston have been great big brothers. They like to run to the babies at any and every sound that they make. They are good helpers and like to be involved with the dressings, diaper changes and baths. I am lucky to have them help me every day.

Nixon and Cooper are already changing. They are great babies and are already on a schedule. I am able to nurse them at the same time, so it really cuts down on the feeding times. I love having new babies in our house and it has really brought our family closer together.
Our hearts are full.


Marianne and Brad said...

Yay, I am glad it went so well! And I love the gift Tommy gave you--it is precious! So excited to see you guys in a month and meet the babies!!

Jeff and Kathy Bell said...

Wow what a special experience!
It sounds like you had the best of the best people at the hospital and at home! I cannot wait to meet Cooper and Nixon. And for a second I thought that was Jeff, not Tommy, wearing the mask and cap. They look a lot alike. Oh BTW you look beautiful in all of your pictures. Congratulations again!

Shayna said...

We are excited to see you too!!

Shayna said...

Thank you Kathy! You are so sweet :) it does look like Jeff in a drs mask ha ha !! The babies are excited to meet their aunt Kathy :)

Rosemary said...

Beautiful posting. . . happy you are doing so well.

Rosemary said...

Beautiful posting. . . happy you are doing so well.

Jetta said...

Congratulations! I am so glad that recovery is going so well for you and you are all enjoying the babies so much. What a marvelous blessing for you family! :)