Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ashton turns 5

Our happy family

Proud big brother

The twinners at the party

The cake Grandma Bell made on Ashton's real birthday

Ashton and his dragon cake

New cars from Great Grammy and Grandpa Lynn

Power Rangers!!!

Westie with his gift from Grandma and Grandpa Bell

Ashton's new scooter from Mimi and Alexa

Cake time

Chopping the dragons head off with his "sword"

Mom and birthday boy

We celebrated Ashton's 5th birthday yesterday and it was busy and exciting.
We woke up and had his favorite waffles and whip cream breakfast then he, Alexa (my little sister), Weston and Tommy all headed off to Chuck E. Cheese for a morning full of game playing.
Grandma and Grandpa Bell, and Great Grandpa Bell A.K.A. white haired Grandpa came over for a yummy lunch.
My Mom (Mimi) and sister are here helping so they celebrated with us too. In fact, the cute dragon cake that you see was created by Mimi!
Ashton enjoyed opening his presents and was too excited to even eat his cake and ice cream.
It was a very fun day and we are so glad that so many people who love him were able to be here to celebrate.
Happy birthday Ashton bear. We love you!


Meet the Templins said...

Ashton looks so tall! Happy Birthday! Shayna you look amazing too!

Melanie said...

Your family of 6 is just amazing. I have been thinking about you lots...and I'm so happy for you that everything went well and your little boys are safe and amazing gift. Such beautiful baby boys. You look terrific!!! It has been so fun to see all of the pictures on the blog and facebook. :)

Rosemary said...

Glad you're day was "FAB" ! Happy Birthday Ashton!