Monday, February 6, 2012

"The Bell Cafe"

The boys decided to build a restaurant with some boxes that we had.
Ashton called it "The Bell Cafe". We printed out some food (pizza, cheeseburgers, jello etc.) and they decorated some menus and spent the morning playing.
I gave them some money and Ashton set up his computers so that he could take peoples orders. It was so fun to see their imaginations run wild.
Last week we went to some friends house and I asked Ashton what they played and he said "I taught them how to play "Bell Cafe" ha ha ha ha!!

****Yes I am still pregnant-thankfully so. Full term for any type of multiples is 38 weeks. We are 35 weeks going on 36 and would loooove to get as close to "full term" as possible. We don't want our little twinners to have to spend time in the nicu :)


Jeff and Kathy Bell said...

how cute! My friend and I used to do this growing up. Only we just had the name Restaurant. and we mostly just ended up making our own lunches. haha but it was fun. Oh to be a kid. I guess now I can look forward to when my kids do this. :)

Meet the Templins said...

I love how he has to have a real computer to take orders! I loved playing with my sister growing up and it looks like those two will have the same memores. :) Hang in there pregnant lady, we want those boys healthy too!!