Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The many angles of a 24 week twin belly

Lots of you have requested belly pics! So here ya go...
(Tommy is out of town this week, so I had to pull out the camera myself.)

The twins are growing!
This is what I looked like at 30 weeks with my other 2.
I just have to keep reminding myself that there are 2 in there!
I am so happy to be to 24 weeks. This is a big milestone for multiple pregnancies.
My gut feeling is that these boys will be here at 35 weeks. I would love to make it to 36 though!
With the holidays coming, I think January will be here in the blink of an eye.
The babies are very active. They move a ton and are very hard kickers. Ashton loves to feel them and giggles every time he gets kicked.

24 weeks stats:
Babies: 2 boys
Weight gain: +9 Lbs. (that was at my last appt. a week and a half ago so probably more)
Movement: Lots!
Pregnancy cravings: none :(
Baby names: Not yet, but some are in the works
Maternity clothes: Most of the time. I am loving leggings though!

***The black and white picture is not airbrushed or photoshopped. Thanks to every stretch mark cream on the planet (mainly Berts Bees) I have been fortunate thus far to avoid them. I hope it lasts.


sharielle:) said...

You have such a cute little baby tummy! I would never even guess you have two babies in there(: and how lucky that you have no stretch marks at all!!! I can only hope when i start having babies i can look as amazing as you(: Gah I can't wait for those little guys to be here! Love you and your beautiful prego tummy!

Crystal said...

Um, you are soooo tiny! (I look like that when I am about 12 weeks! hahaha) But I sure do love some baby belly!!! I am already in love with those boys! You look amazing! So glad you FINALLY posted some! Love and miss you tons!

Bell Family said...

Thanks guys....Ummm Crys, you are so NOT like that @ 12 weeks! But thank you for the sweet words. Miss you guys too, when will you be in Utah next?? Love you

Unknown said...

The boys and I love your cute little baby belly and are so excited to meet the little guys. Especially love the black and white pic! You look amazing! Love, Daddy, Ashton, and Weston!!!

scooping it up said...

Not fair with no stretch marks! You look gorgeous. Seriously. I hope they stay away since my belly is atrocious. Congrats and passing 24 weeks. I hope you make it past 34 too. I found the babies that we born after 34 weeks were out of the NICU SO fast, as opposed to almost 5 months and medical issues for months and developmental issues for years. A few short weeks in the belly make SUCH a huge difference.