Friday, March 25, 2011

Our Ashton

Yesterday, Tommy and I enjoyed a visit to Ashtons school for parent teacher conferences.
I cannot say enough about this preschool, and I am over the moon about his teachers.
Ashton has 3 teachers in his classroom, but his "main" teacher is Mrs. Dutton.
She is so kind and sweet and we can tell that she is so passionate about being a teacher-especially to small kids.
We had a nice visit with her, and were able to hear descriptions of how Ashton is doing Socially and emotionally. We also got an observation report of his fine, gross,cognitive and language skills. It was lovely hearing all of the great things Mrs. Dutton had to say, and we are beyond proud of Ashton and his continued excellence in school.
I am so thankful that Ashton goes to this school. I am thankful that he LOVES going to school and learning.
We couldn't wait to take Ashton out for a special lunch then park day when we were done.
He deserved it!

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Meet the Templins said...

He is getting so big! I always knew he was a smarty. Keep up the good work. :)