Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ashtons 4th birthday and Mimis visit

We had quite a weekend!
My mom (Mimi) flew into town and surprised Ashton at preschool on Thursday.
He was so excited and couldn't wait to show her around his classroom.
We spent time playing and getting ready for Ashtons friend party on Saturday.
We had the birthday later on in the evening because Tommy headed to the BYU/San Diego game that morning.
We had quite a turnout on Saturday and it was such a fun party. Ashton wanted a Pirate theme so we gave out bandanas and went on a fun treasure hunt.
My mom made his awesome cake and it was the hit of the party!
Combine pizza, games, cake, ice cream, 15+ kids and parents and it was chaotic fun.
Ashton was in heaven with all of his friends coming to celebrate his birthday.
On Monday we took my Mom up to L.A.
Unfortunately my camera's settings got changed so the first few pictures are dark.
We stopped in Orange County for lunch, then drove to Beverly Hills, down Rodeo Drive, walked down Hollywood Blvd. and we were able to see the Oscar red carpet and all the props being taken down (the Oscars were the night before).
Then we headed to the Santa Monica pier and walked along the beach (it was coooold) and headed down the pier. Of course we had to stop for a funnel cake!
It was a great weekend and we were so glad the Mimi was able to come!


Princess Sarah said...

Love that cake!! How did she do that??

Rosemary said...

Looks like a very fun party! Happy Birthday Ashton!

Rosemary said...

And yes it's a sweet cake!

scooping it up said...

what a fabulous cake. (sorry if this comment is stalkerish) i just wanted to see how your family was doing.)

hope you guys are well!