Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our Thanksgiving, 2010

Ashton getting his gift from Santa
Shantel, Ashton and my Dad(throwing up his gang sign again)
Shar Shar and Ashton
Weston with his horse
Ashton with his horse
Grandma Bell and Weston at UVU
Me (in the white) doing a free throw contest at the game
Ready, set, SHOOT! I lost by 2
Daddy and Weston with the "monkey" a.k.a. the UVU wolverine
The wolverine really liked our family

We had such a fun and busy Thanksgiving. We spent half with my family and half with Tommy's.
I was also able to visit my Aunt, Uncle, Cousins and Grandpa in Lehi and enjoy a yummy dinner with them.
Thanksgiving was delicious as usual and it was great to see so much family. Santa also made an appearance and the boys were good but skeptical.
I went with my sister Sharielle to see Burlesque (soooo good!) late Thanksgiving and we got home about 1:30. Then we woke up at 4 to go black Friday shopping with my Dad and Brother. We were all tired but had fun! And got some great things.
We also spent some time watching Kim (Tommy's sis.) play basketball at UVU. I was asked to participate in a free throw shooting contest and the boys got to root me on. It was fun!
We were suppose to start our drive back on Sunday, but got snowed in and ended up doing the drive all of Monday. 11 hours really wasn't so bad, but we were ready and happy to be home!
We are home for Christmas which is the only way we would have it! All of our shopping is done, decorations are up and we are enjoying the season.
It has been averaging 80 degrees here in San Diego until yesterday. The temps dropped and I think it ONLY got to about 62 today. BRRRRRR ;)

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