Friday, December 3, 2010

L.A. auto show

Tommy and I have always had a mutual love and appreciation for nice cars. So of course when the huge auto show came to Los Angeles, we were there.
The kids did great wondering around and admiring all of the cars. They also enjoyed sitting in them and pretending to drive.
My favorite was of course the showroom full of Porsches.
I love those cars and was in heaven surrounded by them-one in every color!
I think we will make this an every year tradition while we are here in Cali.


ej said...

My brother drove down from BYUI for the Auto Show, it must be pretty sweet. Nothing like a gathering of gorgeous cars to drool over!

Rosemary said...

Ashton looks like he's ready to take one home!

Princess Sarah said...

Shayna! I love your blog! Your boys are adorable! I am glad you commented on mine so I get track yours now!! So, where did u get that dress in the pic of you with your younger sister at her baptism---sooo cute!!! Hope all is well! I will be moving back to San Diego in about a year=will you still be around?!!! How is Miro?? I miss it! ;(