Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who needs a park?

The boys and I have loved walking to this large grassy area about 2 miles away from our house. There is no park, no swings, no monkey bars, but there is room to run and explore. On our way we enjoy talking about the colors we see, the different animals we can spot, and Ashton has a nice pine cone collection. We also enjoy singing songs on our way too and from home. Normally we try and walk and play earlier in the morning. We throw on sweats and tennis shoes, and head out. But this particular day we were already dressed and had just gotten home from running errands and couldn't pass up the good weather. I didn't think about throwing on better "walking" shoes, and it made for an interesting walk home. Hence the picture of my shoes. Besides the blisters ( I guess 4 miles in ballet flats will do that to ya) it was a fun outing. I think we will bring a picnic next time.


The Thompsons said...

I love that you guys are able to get out so much. It's been so cold here that our outings are limited to going to and from the car at a sprint.

Rosemary said...

Gotta love that weather. Sounds like fun and some good excercise as well.

ej said...

The picture with your shoes and the flowers was super cute though! So many beautiful areas near where you live, very fun.