Thursday, September 3, 2009

I thought getting my San Diego library card would be easy, especially because as of yesterday I now have a (temporary) California license. I already knew the drill of showing I.D. plus proof of address etc, and was glad that I had my new license to confirm those requirements. FALSE. My temporary I.D. does not have a photo of me on it so as the library worker is looking at the piece of paper I.D. with a quisitve look in her eyes all I could think was "oh crap, I'm sure she needs a picture I.D." Now the library is literally 3 minutes away from our house, but there was no way I was going to play this game at the library(bach and forth for this document and that document proving one thing or another). I already did it at the D.M.V. on Tuesday and Wednesday-just give me the stupid library card!!! Then DING *lightbulb* I remembered my fancy new American Express/Costco membership card with my picture on it and whipped it out feeling relieved. Sure enough that was enough "prove" that I was who I was (and my license) claiming to be. All for a dumb *sigh, deep breath* I mean wonderful library card :)


ej said...

Don't you love how places like the library/DMV make you jump through a million hoops? It makes me want to shout at them- YOU ARE A LIBRARY!!!! for pity's sake, not the White House!!!

Jennifer said...

it's so irritating that countless illegals can and do have a right to every single thing in this country, and it's the tax payers who have to jump through all of the hoops to "prove" that they also have the right to go in a library and drive a car!!! Grrrr right there with you!! Glad you got it. You and the boys will have tons of fun checking out books <3