Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Halloween already?

We hardly have candy at our house, but Ashton spotted some M&M's in the check-out line today at Target, and to his surprise I let him get them. On further investigation I realized that they were Halloween M&M's and chuckled to myself realizing that it was "time" for the stores to prepare for the upcoming holiday. We opened the treats when we got home and as you can tell from the mess on Westons face he absolutely loved them!

We also had a surprise visit today from great grandma and grandpa Bell. Ashton was so excited when they came to the door, and he was still buzzing with excitement after they left. He rode around on his rocket saying "Hello Thomas Bell, Hello Thomas Bell" (Ashton just learned his full name which is Ashton THOMAS BELL so when great grandpa Bell told Ashton he was a Thomas Bell too, Ashton couldn't believe it).

For a boring Wednesday that started out at the dreaded D.M.V. for tests and renewing of licenses, it drastically turned around and ended great!


sharielle:) said...

haha "hello thomas bell" that cracks me up :) he is getting so big :) love ya

Jennifer said...

So... how does Halloween work in San Diego? Trick or Treat? Trunk or Treat? ... Just wondering. Have you and your boys thought about costumes? Fun fun fun!! Love you!!

Rosemary said...

What a cute story. It's so fun to read your blog and watch the boys grow up :)