Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Mom, I want to hide"

Ashton has been into building tents lately and Weston will often join in on the fun. This time his tent was made out of pillows. The space was tight, but he had fun laying under the table and peeking out every now and again.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Creative learning

With both boys sick, we have played the "stay at home" card this week. Even though they feel fine for the most part, their coughs and runny noses are still pretty bad. Yesterday we played outside and decided to build shapes with Ashton. I am obsessed with how quickly he learns things. He quickly recalls songs, and is recognizing letters and numbers. Weston wasn't too interested in our rock-shapes lesson. He was too busy playing and getting dirty.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Once upon a time...

There were two little boys...

Who both loved the warm golden sand...
the soft squishy sand...
and all of the magical treasures that wash up on the sand.
One little boy in particular liked to eat the sand.

He enjoyed the taste of it...

But it sure did tickle his nose!

We couldn't keep these little boys away from the water if we tried...

But we didn't really try!
They were soon tuckered out, and before we could even start a movie for the drive home...

They were fast asleep in dream land!


Friday, September 11, 2009

New toy!

Can't wait to play with my new Nike SportsBand! It works with the Nike+ programs. There is a tracking device that goes in my shoes, and this band works with it to evaluate my time, speed, pace, calories burned etc. Then I can download everything online, and it records and stores all of the info for me so that I can see my overall progress, and see if I'm improving. I'm excited to take it out for a test "run" tomorrow :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sweet treats

The boys enjoyed picking the yummy cherry tomatoes from our garden a few days ago. Ashton understood when I told him to only pick the red ones, but Weston really didn't and we ended up with a few green ones in our basket. When they were through we washed them up and enjoyed a yummy summer treat.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I thought getting my San Diego library card would be easy, especially because as of yesterday I now have a (temporary) California license. I already knew the drill of showing I.D. plus proof of address etc, and was glad that I had my new license to confirm those requirements. FALSE. My temporary I.D. does not have a photo of me on it so as the library worker is looking at the piece of paper I.D. with a quisitve look in her eyes all I could think was "oh crap, I'm sure she needs a picture I.D." Now the library is literally 3 minutes away from our house, but there was no way I was going to play this game at the library(bach and forth for this document and that document proving one thing or another). I already did it at the D.M.V. on Tuesday and Wednesday-just give me the stupid library card!!! Then DING *lightbulb* I remembered my fancy new American Express/Costco membership card with my picture on it and whipped it out feeling relieved. Sure enough that was enough "prove" that I was who I was (and my license) claiming to be. All for a dumb *sigh, deep breath* I mean wonderful library card :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Halloween already?

We hardly have candy at our house, but Ashton spotted some M&M's in the check-out line today at Target, and to his surprise I let him get them. On further investigation I realized that they were Halloween M&M's and chuckled to myself realizing that it was "time" for the stores to prepare for the upcoming holiday. We opened the treats when we got home and as you can tell from the mess on Westons face he absolutely loved them!

We also had a surprise visit today from great grandma and grandpa Bell. Ashton was so excited when they came to the door, and he was still buzzing with excitement after they left. He rode around on his rocket saying "Hello Thomas Bell, Hello Thomas Bell" (Ashton just learned his full name which is Ashton THOMAS BELL so when great grandpa Bell told Ashton he was a Thomas Bell too, Ashton couldn't believe it).

For a boring Wednesday that started out at the dreaded D.M.V. for tests and renewing of licenses, it drastically turned around and ended great!