Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tag...25 random things about me.

I actually got tagged on facebook, but I would rather jot these down here.

1. I love to read. Especially while on the elliptical. Watching t.v. or listening to music never gets me in the "zone" when working out. But give me a good book and BAM, I'm off and running.

2. I hate being pregnant. I just don't feel like myself, and hate being sick so much. I would love a ton of kids (ok not more than 3 or 4) but being pregnant kind of makes me good with 2.

3. I am a calorie counter. Not a meal/snack/dessert goes uncounted. I won't eat things if they seem "too high" or if I've already felt like I've had my calorie quota. If I do splurge on calories I work out until I feel better. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE food, and desserts. It's not that I won't eat things, I'm just really careful about making sure I don't overdo it.

4. I love jeans. I have so many pairs of them and can't get enough. I have a wonderful husband who supports my obsession and never asks why I need another pair. I like shoes too, but jeans are definitely my fave.

5. I love being in Young Womens. I think it's the perfect calling for me and I am sad to move and get released. Everything from the girls, to the leaders, to the activities is so amazing.

6. I get migraines. My dad gets them and I'm sure they are genetic. My eyes start to go funny and I know if I don't get medicine in me right away, I'm doomed.

7. I played basketball and tennis in high school and was good. I would love to get into a league-I'll have to look into that.

8. I am usually always the youngest adult in every situation. Church, Tommys work functions, Play groups etc.

9. My biological Mom passed away when I was about 14 months old. I am very open about her, and what happened so if your curious just ask (me in person).

10. I used to be a great snowboarder. I say used to because it's been a few years since I've even tried. Being pregnant and having kids so close together has made winter activities non-existent. I WILL (or hope to) get back into it. I'm sure with Tommy, and our 2 little boys I will be
"forced" :) to try again.

11. I love, love, love Dr. Pepper. Especially from Sonic. I don't know if it's the ice or what, but there's nothing like sipping some cold "juice" (as Ashton calls it. No he doesn't drink it) through a straw.

12. I am so interested in forensics. Anything from pathology to science, detective work to crime scenes. I can't get enough. I usually have things figured out before the show ends. My new favorite channel is I.D. (Investigative Discovery).

13. Can't get enough of Good Morning America and Diane Sawyer. I think she is an amazing reporter, and I would love to meet her someday.

14. I really enjoy reading Sports Illustrated, Popular Science and Business Week. They are magazines that Tommy gets in the mail, but I find myself reading them cover to cover sometimes. I also enjoy a good Glamour or People, but seriously not as much.

15. I really like having people over, or going out in big groups. When Tommy and I didn't have kids we were always organizing dinners, or parties with friends but now it's just every now and then.

16. I am a closeted scared flyer. I get really nervous the night before I fly and barely sleep. I don't panic or cry or can't cope but I truly get scared. Tommy wants to take private lessons but it scares me too much.

17. I have been repelling and bungee jumping. I would love to go sky diving. Maybe for my 25th birthday!

18. My favorite time of day is whatever time Tommy comes home from work. I don't always show it, but I look forward to this time all day long. Theres nothing like relaxing in our comfortable house together watching shows, eating something yummy while the kids play in the background.

19. I can't sleep in. I've always been a morning person. Even when Tommy takes the kids down and lets me attempt to sleep in I can't.

20. I can sing. I've sung in church, school, family events etc. I don't like doing it though. I get really really really nervous. Don't get any ideas... I'll just stick to my American Idol Wii game thank you very much :)

21. Ever since the day we got married, Tommy and I have slept under different blankets. I have to have a down comforter and he uses a really light blanket.

22. I hate talking on the phone. I would much rather email or text!

23. I have the worst sense of direction. Tommy can look at a map once and get anywhere, but I have to mapquest everything. Even if it's close.

24. I bite my nails. Always have, probably always will.

25. When my kids aren't in the car I love to blast the music. A good song always puts me in a good mood, and I love listening to it loud.

Well there you have it. 25 random things about me. Now I tag anyone and everyone! Try it, it's fun!

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Jennifer said...

Fun to read your "tags"... Funny that most I knew... but some I didn't. Thanks for sharing some of "you" with us. Love you!! Mom