Monday, January 26, 2009

You "Can Count" on Ashton

"One, two, three, four, five, six,nine, ten... eight, nine, ten...eight, nine, ten". That's what I heard coming from the kitchen a few days ago when I was organizing some drawers. I rounded the corner to find ALL of my cans of food lined up across the cupboard, and Ashton was counting them as he was going along. He can only count to ten, and especially likes saying eight, nine and ten over and over. This little activity kept him entertained for a while (and I only have a few dents in my hardwood floors from falling cans).


Kristie said...

YAY way to go Ashton!

ej said...

I love it when activities like this keep little ones occupado for a bit. And counting to ten? Um that's really good!

Jennifer said...

So... maybe he will be a good help for your movers in a couple of month's... or at least keep them on their toes!! Ha ha! These pictures are definite keepers for the future... as you tell him about some of the funny things he did when he was little!! :-) I'm laughing pretty hard. (Just wait til his little buddy joins him in the fun...!!) .... "...eight-nine-ten... ......... R-R-U-N-N!!! Here comes mom!..."