Friday, January 23, 2009

Weston-6 months old.

Our little Weston, A.K.A. Weston bear, Westie or Westerly is 6 months old today. I cannot believe it. Time has truly flown by. He absolutely adores Ashton, and we can tell he wants to run around and play with him already. He is our sweet little boy and it has been so fun watching him these past few months!


Durrant said...

They grow up so fast! He is such a cutie! Just love those big eyes! PS- love your camera! Those pics are amazing!

Nielson Family said...

What sweet little boys! Aren't you so so happy that you have 2 little best friends. I love that the weather is nice enough for you to get out of the house for a little fun.
Love & Miss you!

Nielson Family said...

Oops! I posted about the park on this one. Okay, so now about how it seems like only 2 months ago that Weston was born. It is a bitter sweet that they have to grow up. Even though there is nothing sweeter than a brand new baby, they just get to be so much fun when they can interact with you. He's gorgeous! And I really like the pic of Ashton kissing him. It reminds me of Kambren & Kalen. :)