Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dear Weston...

We love you so much. You already make us laugh and your smiles are so cute. Your older brother would do anything for you. You especially love his hugs and kisses. You smile for him anytime, anywhere. Your snuggles are to die for, and you are finding your voice-so sweet.

But please do us this one favor. Please stop growing so quickly. It seems like just yesterday you were teeny tiny. But you've already grown so much. Please slow down, for heavens sake you just got here.

Love, Mom and Dad


ej said...

Sheesh, are you trying to make me cry?! Cuz it is totally working...sweet boy

Kristie said...

WOW look how big he is already. I am so glad you listened and let me get pictures of him so early. It is amazing how fast they grow.

Carina said...

WHAT A CUTIE! Cannot believe he's so big already! Wish you could come visit so I could see him up close!

Jennifer said...

How very precious ... "mommy & baby!!" Very sweet to write him a love letter! So is he taking a different binky?? Yay!

Give him kisses from grammie and his big brother too!

(And hey you little guys... Please stop growing so quickly until I can see you again!)

I love all of you.