Monday, September 29, 2008

Colds and a new Wii

We have all been sick for the last few weeks. Tommy took Ashton to the e.r. last night because of his 103.9 fever. Luckily everything is ok, and he just has a bad cold. We bought a Wii this weekend and are glad that we did, because of all the time spent at home with our sicknesess.

Tommy bought a new snowboarding helmet a few weeks ago, and Ashton had fun with it. I'm so glad that Tommy wears a helmet when snowboarding because when we start Ashton snowboarding next year, he'll want to wear one too (hopefully).


The Crowley's said...

That has so been our family this week. Michael had the same high fever and nasty cold, I was all nervous too and raced him to the doctor to find out I just have to wait it out. Its made its way through both kids and me and now mike so hopefully soon we will feel better, good luck- amber

Carina said...

Starting him so young. Cute! Are we going to see him in the 2026 Olympics?