Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Tommy and I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of golf yesterday. The weather was great (except the 5 minutes of rain showers) and we had a good time together. I mainly rode around in the golf cart and putted, but that was fine with me. Ashton is having such a fun time in Wyoming with my family. We talked (or tried to talk) to him last night before he went to bed, and he just wanted to run off and play.
We went to the Dr. this morning and Weston is looking great. Everything is progressing as it should be and my dr. is pleased with things thus far. She said that he could come at any time, but they are going to induce me on the 24th if he hasn't come by then. So 3 weeks from tomorrow Ashton will have his new baby brother. We are so EXCITED!!!


Kristie said...

WOW you are getting so close. Remember I like to do newborns at 2 weeks! Call me when Weston gets here so we can work something out :)

Kristie said...

by do i mean take pictures...that really didn't sound right, oops.

Carina said...

Love that you look like a golfer! :) 3 weeks and counting!!