Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ashton's big boy bed (a.k.a. mattress on floor)

This is our latest addition to Ashton's room. A new mattress and bedding on his floor. The reason for this is simple. Ashton refuses to sleep in his crib. He HATES it, and always has. So where does he sleep you might ask? Yep you guessed it, with Tommy and I right smack in the middle of us. With baby number 2 quickly on it's way I knew I needed a solution fast before our bed turned into lyrics straight from the song 5 little monkeys. After struggling with ideas (and after talking to a friend) I pulled his crib mattress out and plopped it on the floor. I added some pillows and blankets and nervously attempted to put Ashton down for a nap. Thankfully it worked,and so after a few naps and a night of him sleeping in HIS room on HIS bed, we decided to make it more permanent. We figure he's probably still too small for an actual bed since they are raised off the floor, so that will wait until this summer. For now this arrangement is great, and he looks like such a big boy in this big bed.


The Crowley's said...

great idea, i have the opposite problem, i can't get abby to sleep anywhere but her crib so we ended up with two when michael came. i am too scared to try and move her to a bed bacuse she likes her crib so she may be there until Kindergarden. smart thinking- amber

Shauna said...

Shayna, he is SO cute! I feel like it was just yesterday that you and Tommy were dating...crazy that youre already having your second! So exciting! Congrats on baby number 2!