Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Double Trouble!

Yes it is 5:00 a.m. and I am blogging. Ashton has had a stuffy nose resulting in rough nights and no sleep for me. I forgot to post our news about yesterday, so here are the results....
Everything went great at the doctors office. As far as they could tell the baby is very healthy. We did find out the sex of the baby and they are more than 85% accurate. Actually the girl said she would bet her job on it, and the picture was VERY clear. IT'S A BOY!!!
We are all so excited and can't wait for Ashton to have a little playmate. Most importantly he is healthy and that's such a blessing. The doctors were amazed at how photogenic our little guy was. He took perfect pictures for this screening ultrasound. It's actually a very particular procedure. The baby has to be in a certain exact position in order to get all of the correct measurements. It's amazing how detailed and developed the little guy is for such an early ultrasound. We saw all of his fingers and toes, lips, eyes nose etc. It was so fun! Now we'll need to get going on finding a name, because for some reason we can never agree on boy names.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Any guesses?

Well, nothing too interesting has happened this last week. Ashton and I have been sick with bad head colds, and Tommy's been away on business. We can't wait to see him on's been a long week without him.

Tuesday we have an ultrasound/screening doctors appointment, and they tell us they may be able to sneak a peek at what the sex might be. Amazing I think because it's so early for that (13 weeks), but they say they'll try. Of course it's only about 85% accurate, but it's still fun to maybe know. So if you have any guesses, comments are welcome.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ashton's big boy bed (a.k.a. mattress on floor)

This is our latest addition to Ashton's room. A new mattress and bedding on his floor. The reason for this is simple. Ashton refuses to sleep in his crib. He HATES it, and always has. So where does he sleep you might ask? Yep you guessed it, with Tommy and I right smack in the middle of us. With baby number 2 quickly on it's way I knew I needed a solution fast before our bed turned into lyrics straight from the song 5 little monkeys. After struggling with ideas (and after talking to a friend) I pulled his crib mattress out and plopped it on the floor. I added some pillows and blankets and nervously attempted to put Ashton down for a nap. Thankfully it worked,and so after a few naps and a night of him sleeping in HIS room on HIS bed, we decided to make it more permanent. We figure he's probably still too small for an actual bed since they are raised off the floor, so that will wait until this summer. For now this arrangement is great, and he looks like such a big boy in this big bed.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Yes, baby # 2 is on it's way, and we couldn't be more thrilled!!
Commonly asked questions...

Q: When are you due?
A: The end of July

Q: How far apart will Ashton and this baby be?
A: 17 months

Q: Was this planned?
A: Of course. It happened sooner than we ever thought it would, but we are so excited to have our kids so close together

Q: What do you think you are have?
A: A baby...J/k. Don't really have a feeling. I guess we'll wait and see!

Q: How have you been feeling?

Christmas 2007

We had such a great Christmas and New Years this year. We enjoyed Christmas Eve and Day at home and loved watching Ashton open all of his fun gifts. He liked tearing the paper and finding bright toys inside. On Wednesday we left for my families house and enjoyed a week with them. We visited with family and friends and enjoyed a few Christmas parties. We are excited for the new year and all the fun things we have to look forward too. Happy New Year!!