Wednesday, May 18, 2016

2016 Basketball Awards (OKC)

Sadly, all of the sports are coming to a close for this season. 
On Saturday the boys were awarded medals for their basketball efforts. 
Both Ashton and Weston had an awesome time playing basketball and learning and improving on all of the fundamentals. 
I of course love that they play basketball-it was my sport of choice growing up and I enjoyed playing all throughout my school years. 
Ashton (played on the 3rd/4th grade team) many times went from soccer field straight to the court to play his basketball games. 
He was a great player and always had a smile on his face.
Weston (played on the 1st/2nd grade team) really helped to lead his team. He was the self proclaimed point guard (warms my heart!)
and loved to help everyone go to the right positions.
It was a great season and we look forward to next year!

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Rosemary said...

Way to go boys!!! Keep it up, basketball ROCKS!