Tuesday, October 6, 2015

2 months in Jakarta

Our new house
Waiting for shots at the dr's office
Weston's first game of the season (team Brazil)
Ashton having science class outside
The boys hopping on the bus at 6:30am
Ashton's first game of the season (team Cameroon)

Top:Weston at a modeling job
Ashton and Nixon at their fitting for their modeling job

The twins settling in our new house
Weston with some of his treasures when our air shipment arrived
neighborhood car wash fun!
Ashton and Weston started golf lessons
The twins enjoyed a superhero birthday party

Tommy and I attended the Korean national day 

We have officially been in Jakarta for 2 months now. We moved into our new house and received our small shipment (more clothes, a few toys and some kitchen items). 
The boys have settled into school and have joined many activities-Soccer and golf being a few. They both have games on Saturdays (usually early in the morning) and have liked playing competitive soccer. 
We have made great new friends in our neighborhood. The boys enjoy coming home from school and running outside to see who is out and ready to play. On Friday and Saturday nights, the kids congregate in our circle and run around playing tag and hide and seek while the parents bbq, play games and just visit. It has been nice to feel so welcomed to the neighborhood. 
We like our new house and will have the rest of our shipment here sometime next week. Me and the boys took a trip to Ace hardware a few weeks ago and chose out some paint for the interior of our house. They picked a fun color for their room and we are having painters come tomorrow to help make our house more of a home. 
We have had our fair share of tummy problems since moving here. There is an {unreal} adjustment period that seems never ending. I am sanitizing my house constantly and just placed an Amazon order for hospital grade cleaning supplies :) Our neighbor said it takes a good year for your body to adjust. But we have gotten all the proper shots to keep us as healthy as we can here (Rabies-3 shot series, Japanese encephylitis-2 shot series). The boys are ready to be done with shots and the doctors office
All in all things are going well. We are still {somewhat}healthy, happy and enjoying as much as we can.

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Rosemary said...

Glad to see photos of where you are. I enjoy keeping up with the family. Love you all.