Thursday, August 27, 2015

Visiting special family

One of my favorite pictures of Weston and his Grandma Shar.

Nixon eating a snack with Grandma Shar 

Nixon was really interested in Shars headstone. Cooper wasn't. 

Our family :)

The boys with Grandma and Grandpa Hunt 

The boys with Great Grandma Fuja 

We were able to spend time and visit with a lot of family and friends while we were in the States this summer.
One of my favorite visits was one to the Lehi cemetery where my mom, grandpa and grandma Hunt and great grandma Fuja are buried. The last time we were all there was right before we moved to Japan. The twins were only 3 months old. 
All of the boys admired the headstones and had many questions about these special family members. 
Cooper's middle name is Hunt after my moms maiden name and also my grandpa who passed away only 3 short months before the twins were born. 
Death can be very complex for kids. The boys wondered why Shar had died and couldn't grasp how young she was when she passed. I could tell that Ashton was contemplating everything and had many questions swirling around in his head. They have obviously never met Shar, so for them their grandma Shar is a 25 year old twin of mine. They have only ever seen pictures of her and that was the age she was when she died. 
A few days after we visited the cemetery, we were able to spend some sweet time with my Aunt Kathy and some of my cousins and their cute kids. I was so thankful for the time we spent with them and visit about Shar and tell the boys some fun stories. 

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Rosemary said...

Very nice posting! So sweet to share this with your boys!