Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Our last few weeks in Japan

^^Lots of goodbyes ^^

^^Goodbyes to good teachers ^^

^^Max Brenner Chocolate store ^^

^^Our Karate promotional exam ^^

^^Saying goodbye to friends ^^

^^Audition at midtown and almost getting eaten by Godzilla ^^

^^Round 1 fun with friends ^^

^^Sports day^^

^^Ashton's last Uniqlo job ^^

^^Our trip to Chiba ^^

^^BBQ on memorial day^^

^^Niko Niko park^^

^^New haircuts ^^

^^Saying goodbye to agents ^^

^^Japanese plays ^^

^^Chocolate fondue ^^

^^Goodbye parties^^ 

^^Final playdates ^^

^^Lots of hugs ^^

^^Robot park^^

^^Friends for life ^^

^^Mr. Nuckolls kinder class^^

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