Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Our last few weeks in Japan

^^Lots of goodbyes ^^

^^Goodbyes to good teachers ^^

^^Max Brenner Chocolate store ^^

^^Our Karate promotional exam ^^

^^Saying goodbye to friends ^^

^^Audition at midtown and almost getting eaten by Godzilla ^^

^^Round 1 fun with friends ^^

^^Sports day^^

^^Ashton's last Uniqlo job ^^

^^Our trip to Chiba ^^

^^BBQ on memorial day^^

^^Niko Niko park^^

^^New haircuts ^^

^^Saying goodbye to agents ^^

^^Japanese plays ^^

^^Chocolate fondue ^^

^^Goodbye parties^^ 

^^Final playdates ^^

^^Lots of hugs ^^

^^Robot park^^

^^Friends for life ^^

^^Mr. Nuckolls kinder class^^

Monday, June 1, 2015

Harris Tower 4018

Entry way 

Formal living room

Formal living room 


Entry way (from the other direction)

Dining room 




Storage room (extra bedroom)

Upstairs landing 

Guest bedroom/office 


Ashton and Weston's room

Upstairs family room 

Play area

Master bedroom entrance 

Master bedroom 


Our time in Japan is quickly coming to an end. We leave in 11 days and can't believe it. We are excited for our summer vacation but Japan will be greatly missed. 

I wanted to document our house, because the twins won't really remember it. We have loved our apartment and it has been a wonderful place for the last 3 years. 
Maybe someday we will be back!