Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Nishimachi sports day 2015


Ashton is in lane 8 
This was the 50 meter dash 

Weston running in the 400 meter relay. He got 1st place on his leg of the race 

Parents tug of war 

The twins cheering on Daddy 

Blue team parents 

The anchor in the staff tug of war ;)

Nixon and Cooper cheering on all of the kids! 

Weston's tug of war 

Woohoo!! They won!!

Ashton is in the striped shirt and red and blue hat

Ashton celebrating after his race! 

Nishimachi does a sports day in May every year at the Olympic stadium. The kids sign up for different events and spend the day competing and cheering on their friends.
Both Ashton and Weston got 1st place in their 50 meter dashes and Ashton also received 1st place in the 200 meter dash (he said he felt like he was going to puke by the end of that one! Oh I remember those days of track).

In previous years, we have left the twins home with our nanny because they were little. This year we brought them and it was a lot of fun. They just kind of wandered around and cheered on the kids!

**thanks to Ted and Paula for lending us their car (ours is somewhere on the pacific ocean making it's journey to Cali)**

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Rosemary said...

Way to go! You guys are so fast! Very proud of your efforts and hard work even if you didn't feel so well, Ha Ha way to be tough! Love you guys!