Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Nishimachi sports day 2015


Ashton is in lane 8 
This was the 50 meter dash 

Weston running in the 400 meter relay. He got 1st place on his leg of the race 

Parents tug of war 

The twins cheering on Daddy 

Blue team parents 

The anchor in the staff tug of war ;)

Nixon and Cooper cheering on all of the kids! 

Weston's tug of war 

Woohoo!! They won!!

Ashton is in the striped shirt and red and blue hat

Ashton celebrating after his race! 

Nishimachi does a sports day in May every year at the Olympic stadium. The kids sign up for different events and spend the day competing and cheering on their friends.
Both Ashton and Weston got 1st place in their 50 meter dashes and Ashton also received 1st place in the 200 meter dash (he said he felt like he was going to puke by the end of that one! Oh I remember those days of track).

In previous years, we have left the twins home with our nanny because they were little. This year we brought them and it was a lot of fun. They just kind of wandered around and cheered on the kids!

**thanks to Ted and Paula for lending us their car (ours is somewhere on the pacific ocean making it's journey to Cali)**

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Guam trip 2015! Jet setting actors :)

Waiting at the airport to get checked in

Here we go!! Waiting to board our plane!

We didn't wand any sort of sickness in Guam or back at home so we all wore these the whole way there and back! 

We made it! The sun was blazing 
Here is the boys' script

And their casting cards from the audition 

This is only half of the equipment that they brought for the shoot

The boys with the coconut they found 

Getting all set up to begin shooting

The boys playing in-between takes 

They had workers getting all of the seaweed out of the spot where we were shooting, but the boys joined in as well!

Taking a break under the tent (they gave both the boys their flip flops and swim suits. Ashton's is Stella McCartney kids valued at $200)

Digging for crabs

We found one!

Ashton sound asleep in the location van

Building sand castles 

Getting set up for the next scene

Enjoying a brownie sunday!!

Take 5 (maybe)
They finally cracked their coconut open!

This is Stucky. Our translator 
The view from our room

The boys with all of the extras from Guam 
Saying bye to Guam from our balcony 

The CG guys helping the boys peel a coconut 

This trip was a great way to *end* (sort of) our modeling adventures here in Tokyo. We have traveled all over for jobs and shoots and when this email came to me about the client looking for 2 boys for a shoot in Guam, I went back and forth about putting the boys in for it. Being gone for 4 days right when our move is getting crazy was part of my hesitation. So I settled on telling our agency that we would do the job if BOTH boys got it together. 
Fastforward a few days and our agent said that the boys were invited to the audition (before every audition there is a photo selection first). 
You never know what an audition will be like. We have been to some that have had hundreds of kids (client doesn't really do much of a photo selection first) and we have been to some that have been pretty selective. This one seemed to be pretty selective. There were maybe 10 kids in the time slot that we were in (maybe some before and after us as well). The boys had to audition in their swimsuits and act out a scene from the commercial. Parents weren't allowed in the audition room, but when the boys came out they both said "the guy said we were the best and that he wanted us to do it again and again!". 
A few days later I got a text from our agent that the boys were finalists for the job, and that they would like to go ahead and get copies of our passports to start buying the tickets. So I was excited hoping that that meant good news. The next day we got the official email that the boys got the job together and we were going to Guam! 

Day 1: We got on the bus from Tokyo to Narita airport and met up with everyone at the airport. Ohno was our escort and there were about 18 of us traveling to Guam (Ashton and Weston were the only cast, everyone else was crew). 
We arrived in Guam around 3pm and went to the resort. We didn't start shooting until the next morning so the rest of the day was to ourselves. We went to the beach, swimming, dinner at CPK and then ran to the huge kmart to get some snacks, cereal and milk. I noticed that Ashton seemed to have developed a rash of some sort all over his body (heat rash? reaction to the chlorine or salt water?) so I also grabbed some cortisone cream and benedryl. 

Day 2: The boys' call time was 8:30. We met in the lobby and went into wardrobe right away. Swimsuits for wardrobe is easy so we headed to the location (they shot at the beach right outside of the Hilton resort). I had given Ashton a half of a dose of bendadryl to help keep his rash at bay. That coupled with the heat made him super tired. They got their first cut finished and the director let the boys break for a while. We went to one of the vans to cool off and Ashton immediately fell asleep. He slept for a good hour and woke up feeling much better. We ate lunch, finished shooting and went back to the hotel. It was only 2pm by this time so we jumped into the pool for an hour. Ashton's rash came back so we decided that we should take a break from the sun and water. We took a taxi to the movie theater and saw the movie Home and ate at Ruby Tuesdays (little did we know that our waiter was an extra in the shoot and we would see him the next day).

Day 3: Our call time wasn't until 11:30 wooohoooo!!! We all slept in!! We went to the breakfast buffet and just had a lazy morning. The shoot only took a couple of hours that day and after we were done we bought tickets to go to the fire show/dinner. The boys had a good time and Weston went up on stage to dance :) 

Day 4: We had no shooting this day. It was a back up weather day but the weather was good for the shoot so we had a free day. Our flight didn't leave until 5pm so we swam and went to the beach, packed up our room, ate at CPK one last time and met everyone in the lobby to leave at 2:30. We did some shopping in the airport and before we knew it we were headed back home. We landed in Tokyo just as a typhoon was hitting. The clients had a shuttle bus waiting for all of us so we hopped on and began the hour journey home. The rain got worse as we went. They took us to Shibuya station and we caught a taxi (we were soaked) home.

It was such a fun trip and experience. Ashton kept saying "what a great opportunity it was" to do this shoot with his brother and in Guam!
We are looking forward to seeing the final project!