Sunday, April 26, 2015

NIS book parade!

Nishimachi campus before the parade!

Weston's teacher Mr. Nucholls 

The Headmaster, Mr. Christian 

Ashton's teacher Mrs. Ferrans 

Ashton as Tom Gates! Grandma and Grandpa Bell bought him the series for Christmas and he has read all of them!

 Weston as a pirate from one of the Magic Treehouse books

And the Koinobori- These fish are in celebration of children's day on May 5th!

Nishimachi does a book parade every April. The boys had their ideas picked out for a few months (Weston even had his laid out for a while!) and were excited for the big day. 
All of the students and teachers looked great and the weather was beautiful! 

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Rosemary said...

Oh wow, looks fun! Wow Ashton you've read all the books already! What book was it that was missing from the set? I forgot. You must be ready for a new set? You both look great!